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The ‘slipped disc': Myths & Facts

Posted on: Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

The ‘slipped disc’ is like a dreaded mythical creature – shrouded in fear and misconceptions, even the name itself is, in fact quite misleading – so let’s tackle this beast, bring down some myths and give ourselves the power of perspective!

Myths vs Facts:

  • MYTH: my disc has ‘slipped’. 
    • FACT: discs don’t slip, the inner gel portion bulges or herniates through the tough outer layer (as seen below) and then may compress the spinal nerve
  • MYTH: all disc herniations require surgery.
    • FACT: 90% of disc herniations resolve with conservative therapies such as physio/chiropractic/osteopathy, ice and anti-inflammatories
  • MYTH: my very bad back pain must be a disc.tess slipped disk
    • FACT: severe muscle spasms, sacro-iliac and spinal joint fixations can be extremely painful and mimic disc herniations. Always get checked by a professional
  • MYTH: the more painful it is, the worse it is.
    • FACT: many people have disc herniations and never experience a single symptom, while others can have a small herniation and experience extreme pain. Pain is seldom in proportion to damage
  • MYTH: I should do as little movement as possible when I have a herniation.
    • FACT: movement is essential to the healing process and only certain types should be avoided e.g. forward bending/heavy lifting

So remember that although a spinal disc herniation can be a very painful experience, there is lots that can be done to relieve symptoms. With expert advise, a good attitude and a little patience, you can get back to living life to the fullest

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