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The Christmas Look

Posted on: Friday, December 4th, 2015

If there is one season that people like to dress up and look their best in, it is definitely at Christmas time.
Ladies who rarely apply make-up, walk into the shop requesting the seasonal make-up novelties or the classic (Christmas red) lipstick.

This make-up look might seem a difficult one to achieve, but all it needs is a touch of sparkle and glam!

Red – Red is a lip color which is adored by most but also seem scary to many others.

How do you choose the classic red?
There is one type of classic red. It is bright and with no blue undertones.
Which one to go for if in doubt between two colors?
Reds have to either have an orange tint or a pink tint. Just pick up the one you love ( remember, no rules!) but if you want the classic red, go for the one with orange tint and not the pink one.
How do I know its the right red for me?
At the end of the day you have to feel comfortable with what you wear. This includes make-up so if a bright red is not for you, go for the one you like the most! For example pink wearers might prefer to opt for a pinker tone while brown lip lovers will surely opt for a deep red. The make-up advisor will offer to try it on for you or let you do it. Always ask them to disinfect product for you before usage.

Get the Melita Christmas Look:

We created this look on Ella who is a young, fair skinned blonde girl, however, these colors are set to suit any skin tone or age .

Eyes: for a longer lasting result apply an eyeshadow primer. We applied a thin layer of the Collistar eyeshadow base. We wanted to try out the special edition Clarins palettes so we opted for the night palette, by applying the lightest shade all over the eyelid and the darker brown on the edge with a sponge eyeshadow applicator. In the centre we applied a touch of Make Up Studio Shiny Effects in Bronze. To add more sparkle a touch of Stefania D’Alessandro Golden White Shimmer was applied.
To add a touch of glamour we applied Eylure Lashes No. 121. After that lined with the new Bourjouis mega liner ultra black and finished the lashes with one coat of Clinique high impact curling mascara. With this look it is important to NOT opt for brown liner or mascara!
Bottom: Applied Givenchy khol pencil black on the waterline while blending in some of the dark eyeshadow out to the bottom lash line.

Eyebrows: we wanted to keep the brows looking as natural as possible so we just filled in with Make Up Studio brown powder in Blonde and kept in place with Oreal transparent eyebrow gel

Face: Always prep skin with a primer. Here we used the Shiseido primer which is good for all skin types. Applied Make-Up Studio concealer under eyes in the shape of an upside down pyramid. Blended in Givenchy Photo Perfexion Foundation no.5 and dusted off with Stefania D’Alessandro powder in Cold 01.
NB: when applying strong lip colors like red I recommend applying blusher after finishing the lips as you have to make sure cheeks are not overdone with color!
For this look we opted for the Shiseido Blush in RS302

Lips: applied Collistar lipliner no. 7 ALL OVER lips and topped with Max Factor Lipfinity No125 for a matte effect. For a moister, glossier effect apply the lipbalm found in the Lipfinity pack on top.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Photography by Tamsin Pace Decesare

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