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Special Summer Offer for June

Posted on: Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

Introductory offering, free massage with every €35 spent on sugaring, our new silky smooth hair removal technique

Sugar waxing, or sugaring is a unique hair removal system which as a natural alternative to laser, lasts longer than traditional waxing and is suitable for removing fine hair all over the body.

About Sugaring:

  • Sugar wax doesn’t attach to the skin but the hair. Binding to the hair, it pulls the hair out by the root without pulling the skin.
  • With this method hair is only removed in the natural direction of growth, meaning it does not cause ingrown hair and is less painful
  • Sugaring is performed at body temperature so it cannot burn skin, only dead skin cells are removed together with hair leaving you with silky smooth hairless skin
  • Sugar paste can be cleaned up with water, which means it can be removed from the skin at any time.
  • The sugar paste used  is natural product, not tested on animals containing Aloe Vera which is calming and soothing


For more information and bookings please contact our specialist, Indre on 99 724 127


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