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Get the Look …. Men’s Skincare

Posted on: Friday, November 4th, 2016

It’s not always necessary to spend excessively on skin care, but without question, men need to take care of their skin. There are numerous benefits to adopting a basic skin-care routine.

  • Keeping skin healthy means it will look younger longer
  • Shaving will be easier, skin less irritated and inflamed, and you’ll also experience less ingrown hairs
  • Having fewer breakouts, dry spots, and oily areas looks more attractive
  • Feeling better about yourself, nothing wrong (or unmanly) with looking better

All of the benefits above can be achieved with just a few products. A man’s skin-care routine should look like this:

  • Use a gentle liquid cleanserMan in bathroom applying cosmetics on his face
  • Use an exfoliate, but not a scrub as these tear into skin causing irritation and inflammation—shaving is plenty of exfoliation for any face
  • Use a product that contains beta hydroxyl acid (BHA). This removes pore-clogging, old-looking skin and it also has anti-redness properties
  • A sunscreen rated SPF 20 or greater for daytime and (if needed) a moisturizer for use at night
  • If you have acne, a product containing benzoyl peroxide is essential
  • Never use products containing irritants such as alcohol and menthol or too much fragrance (either synthetic or natural)
  • Monthly facials are a great may to improve on your daily routine as well as providing an often much need boost (as well relaxation)
  • These simple steps will lead you to healthier, and yes, younger-looking skin!

Different skin types need different products. At Melita we not only offer an extensive range of dermo-cosmetics but our trained staff will be able to help you find the range best suited to your skin type and needs.

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