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Carbohydrates and Insulin

Posted on: Monday, June 1st, 2015

It is a known fact that the Maltese consume large quantities of carbohydrates in their diet, although it has been repeated over and over again that CARBOHYDRATES are the WORST thing one could eat when trying to lose fat or transform your body.

Due to years of consuming a diet full of PROCESSED CARBS & SUGAR, most people have become INSENSITIVE TO INSULIN, one of the most important hormones in our body.

insulinInsulin`s function is to help your body keep blood sugar under control, ideally clear it quickly from your bloodstream after a carbohydrate rich meal and send that sugar to muscle tissue for energy instead of into fat cells and therefore increasing your weight.

Unfortunately, the exact opposite happens when most people eat carbs. Due to a diet full of processed, insulin and blood sugar spiking carbohydrates, many people have developed some level of insulin resistance with the consequence that insulin is no longer able to efficiently remove blood sugar from bloodstreams, dramatically reducing fat burning capability, increasing blood sugar levels and fat storage.

Over time, insulin resistance can and often does lead to type II diabetes and many other health problems eg: Alzheimer`s, premature ageing, heart disease and strokes.

When the body is highly insulin sensitive and carbohydrates are consumed, a minimum, insulin release is needed for a quick and efficient blood sugar clearance to its storage sites.

In a nutshell, the body`s ability to efficiently process the carbohydrates we eat and the body`s ability to quickly and efficiently clear sugar from the blood depends on the body`s sensitivity to insulin.

There is a maximum glycogen uptake i.e. the carbohydrate is shred as energy in the lean muscle and liver, and minimum conversion and storage as body fat.


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