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Brain Training with Neurofeedback

Posted on: Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

Neurofeedback is brain training for more effective stress management, mental clarity, concentration and / or relaxation.

In the same way a heart rate monitor displays heart functioning, so a Neurotherapist uses EEG sensors to relay information about brain wave activity. By viewing this activity in real time individuals are able to not only understand their own brain states, but use this information to train the brain, encouraging mental stability and / or flexibility.


Brain Waves

Our brains are constantly changing frequency as we listen, focus, problem-solve, relax or perform various cognitive and behavioural functions.  Every action and even thought or feeling has a wave pattern. Adapting to different situational demands, brain wave frequencies may be faster when performing a mental task or slower when relaxing. These normal patterns of attention, balance and well-being are created and maintained at deep physiological levels. However, due to stress, trauma, life-style choices and even genetics, this process of self-regulation can become disrupted, resulting in irregular brain wave patterns. This imbalance often affects an individual’s ability to effectively control their emotional or behavioural response to changing situations.

As we are not consciously aware of brain wave activity of our brain, we are not always able to identify this disruption and its effects on mental performance, emotional control and physiological stability. Through Neurofeedback an individual is able to “listen in” to their own brain wave activity. With activity and frequencies converted into easily identifiable audio and visual stimuli, the brain learns to adjust this activity and function more effectively.

How Neurofeedback works

The aim of neurofeedback training is to encourage the brain to produce more brain waves associated with a calm, relaxed and alert state and fewer brainwaves associated with day-dreaming and fight/flight states. When a person is producing more of the desired frequency or wave combination, they are rewarded with positive audio or visual feedback in the form of sounds and / or video game progress. Via this feedback the brain learns what is needed to produce the correct frequencies and brain patterns. By doing this repeatedly, the brain starts to produce the desired response with greater ease in much the same way as the development of muscle memory in athletes. Eventually the brain learns to automatically choose the correct patterns, in the same kind of neurological learning that occurs when someone learns to walk, ride a bike, drive or recognise a song.

Essentially brain training, neurofeedback works directly with the brain, allowing the brain to function more effectively including:

  • Increased mental clarity and flexibility
  • Improved attention and focus
  • Enhanced self-control and stress tolerance
  • Elevated mood state and improved mood regulation
  • Enhanced sense of well-being, health and balance

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